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November 14, 2012

Video version

Audio version

October 17, 2012

Skyfall, BB King, Jack Kerouac, The Shining, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Rolling Stones – Crossfire Hurricane


 Audio version:

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September 19, 2012: Citizen Kane re-evaluated, Lawless, Bradford Animation Festival in November

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Movietime is a programme broadcast on BCB Radio, at 18:00 GMT on a Wednesday evening once every four weeks. Upcoming transmission dates are October 17, November 13, and December 12, 2012.

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The show is edited and presented by Karl Dallas, who has been involved in film criticism for over half a century. As a young freelance he wrote for the then classic Picturegoer magazine, edited by Connery Chappell, and in that role was one of the first to recognise the talents of a young Marilyn Monroe in her first, uncredited, movie appearance.
Originally available only in audio, Movietime is now also produced in video format, allowing trailers and other media to be viewed on YouTube and elsewhere (because of YouTube limitations, the 30-minute programme has to be split into two segments). Here are some video versions of the show.

Movietime August 22, 2012:

Subjects covered include the Bank Holiday IMAX screening of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Brave title music sung by Julie Fowlis, Orson Welles’ F for Fake, news about Raiders of the Lost Ark on IMAX, a new trailer for the James Bond Skyfall movie, and clips from the forthcoming jazz documentary about Chick Webb.

Chick Webb

The winner of the Batman Trilogy contest is MATT PARKER.

Movietime June 27, 2012

A selection of Alfred Hitchcock clips, why Prometheus is a turkey, Woody Allen stand-up circa 1965, preview of The Dark Knight Rises, Peter Jackson on location with The Hobbit in New Zealand, and the French guy who wrote the original of My Way (and died at 39).

Movietime Cannes report, May 30, 2012

Movietime, May 2, 2012

This is video version of the Movietime show broadcast on BCB radio on May 2, 2012.
Presenter/compiler Karl Dallas reviews the following movies:
Titanic 3D (Celine Dion: end-title music), Total Recall, Prometheus, Where Do We Go Now? (bonus clip, not included in radio broadcast), Yellow Submarine trailer, Dark Shadows, The Jason Legacy, This Must Be The Place, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
End-title music is the Irish dance party from Titanic.
All clips are copyright of the companies concerned.
The programme is a HoustonMedia production.

Bradford International Film Festival preview

This edition previews the 18th Bradford International Film Festival, running from April 19 to 29, 2012. It features interviews with the Festival’s co-directors.

Movietime, March 7, 2012

Audio Archive

Movietime August 22, 2012 (audio):

Movietime BIFF 2012 preview (audio):

February 8, 2012
January 11, 2012
November 16, 2011
November 11, 2011
June 29, 2011

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