Dateline Palestine

The truth about Holocaust denial

“The Palestine Solidarity Campaign exists to build a mass solidarity movement on Palestine. It is founded on principles of justice, human rights, and opposition to all forms of racism.

“Any expression of racism or intolerance, or attempts to deny or minimise the Holocaust have no place in our movement. Such sentiments are abhorrent in their own right and can only detract from the building of a strong movement in support of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people.”

This formulation by the EC of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which was the basis for the expulsion of the former PSC chair, Dr Francis Clark-Lowes, was overwhelmingly endorsed  at the PSC AGM in January. Yet I do not feel it can be taken seriously as a guide to action, simply because its terms are so ill-defined.

In his speech of appeal to the AGM, Dr Clark-Lowes confessed himself guilty as charged, simply because he “denies” the term Holocaust, with a capital “H”, as referring exclusively to Jewish deaths. So do I. He does not deny that there was a holocaust in the Nazi death camps, nor could he, since the evidence that millions died is plain to see.

But they were not only Jews. What of the Communists and Socialists and Christians and Sinto and Roma and homosexuals and the disabled, who also perished in the death camps? Is it to “minimise the Holocaust” if we point out that it was not only Jews who were exterminated, that these other dead are also to be commemorated? Is it to “minimise the Holocaust” if we support the Polish Catholics when they sought to erect crosses outside Auschwitz, provoking Zionist fury at this violation of their exclusive ownership of what Norman Finklestein  has described as the “Holocaust industry”, especially when we learn that the crosses were erected, not at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where most of the Jews were killed, but at the main camp, where few Jews died?

In fact, of the 334,785 inmates of both Auschwitz camps, 173,000 were Jews and 161,785 non-Jews. Of those who died there, 117 of the 1,646 killed were Jews, though this number was exceeded by the 58,240 who died of typhus and the 2,064 who died from other “natural” causes (probably starvation). In comparison, 1,646 non-Jews were killed, 45,189 died of typhus, 2,076 of “natural” causes.

(Source: Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944, Dr. Germar Rudolf:

The Soviet archives which contain the complete file of the German concentration camp system report that “it is apparent that the death toll in all the camps from their beginning to the end of the war was approximately 400,000”.

So far, we have spoken only of the holocaust of the Nazi time. But what of previous holocausts, the 27,000 (and 20,000 blacks), killed in British concentration camps during the Boer War, the 1½ million Armenians slaughtered by Kemal Ataturk’s Ittihad ve Terakke (or “Young Turks” ) in1915-16, not to mention the 20 million who died at the hands of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen in the USSR, the victims of the firestorms in Dresden and Hamburg, of the atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 800,000 who died in the Rwanda genocide in 1994?

If we add all such figures together, we get a total of something like 25 million holocaust deaths. To cite these statistics is not to “minimise” the atrocities committed against Jews, but it highlights the fact that the history of 20th Century capitalism has been one long series of holocausts, and to realise that while roughly three out of every ten who died were Jews, we must also mourn the rest who also died.

We must also acknowledge the collusion of the Zionists in all this, realising that as they attempt to cover up these uncomfortable facts, they are the true holocaust deniers.

Ben Gurion, Israel’s first head of State, declared outright on December 7, 1938 :

“If I knew it was possible to save all the children in Germany by taking them to England, and only half of the children by taking them to Eretz Israel, I would choose the second solution. For we must take into account not only the lives of these children but also the history of the people of Israel.”

Source : Yvon Gelbner, “Zionist policy and the fate of European Jewry”,
in Yad Vashem studies (Jerusalem, vol. XII, p. 199).

The Zionists brought Baron Von Mildenstein of the SS Security Service to Palestine for a six-month visit in support of Zionism. This visit led to a report by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, in Der Angriff (The Assault) in 1934 praising Zionism. Goebbels ordered a medallion struck with the Swastika on one side, and on the other, the Zionist Star of David. In May 1935, Reinhardt Heydrich, the chief of the SS Security Service, wrote an article in which he separated Jews into “two categories”. The Jews he favoured were the Zionists: “Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them.”

In 1937, the “socialist” Zionist militia, the Haganah, sent an agent (Feivel Polkes) to Berlin offering to spy for the SS Security Service in exchange for the release of Jewish wealth for Zionist colonization. Adolf Eichmann was invited to Palestine as the guest of the Haganah.

In the Warsaw ghetto, police of the Nazi-sanctioned Judenrat were rounding up Jews to be sent to the death camps in compliance with a quota of 6,000 a day. The non-Zionist underground fighters killed one of these policemen – a Jew, remember – and found he had a Nazi party card, dating back to 1933.

How could all of this happen? Are we to be forbidden from relating these actions to what Marx called the spiritual reflection of Jewish economic life, a “pseudo-religion whose god is money”? Am I, who was raised as an anti-racist and infiltrated the British fascist movement when it sought to re-establish itself at the very time British cinemas were showing newsreels of the piles of bodies in the death camps (I was still at school at the time) and was threatened with physical violence when they discovered what I was doing, am I to be forbidden from pointing out the endemic and analogous racism in Israeli society which I observed, not merely in official pronouncements but among the general population when I first visited Israel in 1968 (which was the first time I endured intensive questioning by Mossad for declaring in a Tel Aviv bar that Jews and Arabs must learn to live in peace with each other)? Must I destroy my photo of Jewish Defence League graffiti I photographed in Hebron in 2008, with its slogan, “Arabs to the gas chambers”?

Am I to be expelled from PSC for writing all the above? And if this happens to me, as it has happened to the ex-chair of PSC, is this not evidence that the anti-Zionist movement has been penetrated by Hasbara agents?

History is unkind to those who seek to subvert movements for the liberation of humanity. Castro was denounced by the Cuban Communist Party (legal under Batista) as a petit-bourgeois adventurist, but no one remembers the names of those opportunist counter-revolutionaries, and Fidel ended up leading the Party which had denounced him. Hitler’s attack on the USSR resulted in the red flag being raised over the Brandenburger Tor.

The anti-zionist movement is on a roll, which is why all the forces of the Mossad Hasbara are being mobilised against it. The BDS campaign is biting, which is why Israel is exporting its dates to South Africa and re-exporting them to UK as South African produce.

Shamefully, the witch-hunt within the anti-Zionist movement is objectively serving the interests of the racist entity that calls itself (in violation of the law of the Torah) as an Israeli “state”.

But I defy it. Do your worst, gentlemen. Right will always triumph, whatever forces of evil are mobilised against it.

KARL DALLAS, March 4, 2012


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