Paul – the power of comradeship

(From I Corinthians: 13)

CapI‘m not a good speaker, you know, but that’s not important. I could be the best orator in the world, the man with the golden voice, but without love I’d just be a load of noise.

If I can look into the future, tell you everything you want to know, if I can work incredible miracles, I’d still be useless if I didn’t have love.

I can do great works of charity for the poor, and even give my own life for their liberation, but if I do not do it with love, then I have achieved nothing.

With love, I can be patient and kind, not envious, boastful, proud, rude, selfish, bad-tempered, bearing grudges, the way I’d be on my own. With love, I do not enjoy indulging my weaknesses, but really delight in the truth.

Love protects the weak, takes people on trust, is full of hope, never gives up, whatever happens.

Love will never let you down.

A silver tongue can be stilled, a prophet can lose his gift, knowledge passes away.

For all we know is just part of what we could know. Our vision of the future is incomplete. But these imperfections disappear when we are united with perfection.

We are growing up. We used to be like little kids, talking, thinking, reasoning like children. Now we have to put childishness behind us.

I look in the mirror and I cannot see myself properly, because of the dirt encrusted on the glass. But the filth is being cleaned away, and we shall see ourselves as we really are.

And our partial knowledge will become complete, as we become complete in ourselves, united with God.

We have faith. We have hope. We have love.

But love – call it comradeship – is the greatest of all.


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