Bad luck with Livescribe smartpen

Livescribe SmartpenThe Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen is an innovative input device, combining note-taker, software for transferring notes to the desktop, and audio recorder for adding sound to notes.

There are a range of Livescribe pens, ranging in price from £69 (at PC World) to £149.99 for a 4Gb version including attractive portfolio case.

The system really works, though it requires special notepads to function (it is possible to print out your own notepaper if you have the appropriate Postscript printer).

However, problems can arise if you seek to use the pen with a new PC.
A user writes:

I seem to have got stuck in a loop.
I keep getting an error saying my smartpen was registered with a different Desktop.
When I click on AUTHORIZE DESKTOP and enter my details I get the same error.
Also, I want to reset the date/time.
The web guide says:

1.Open the inside cover of your Livescribe Dot Paper product and locate the Settings area.
2.Tap the Set Date button with the smartpen.
3.Tap the printed keypad and type the current date.
Tapping 101809 sets the date to Sunday, October 18, 2009 for the date format of mm/dd/yy.

I cannot find a settings area on the Notepad. The areas are: Paper replay, Status, Nav plus, and Volume. There is a calculator on the reverse of the page.

There are probably other settings I shall need to change so I need to find the settings area.

Requests to Livescribe technical support have not so far produced any response.

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