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Formatting poetry

image I am having a problem formatting poetry for my WordPress.Com blog. Even if I format it using HTML code and <br> tags between lines, Edit Page strips out the tags and formats it with paragraph breaks between each line, ignoring double line-breaks between stanzas. Yet, when I look at other people’s poetry blogs, they seem formatted the way I want.


image Microsoft (of all people) have provided you with the answer, in their Windows Live Writer, which is one of the Windows Live Essentials apps which may be downloaded from HERE.

Windows Live Essentials is a suite of products available in one download. You can get them all at once, or choose just the ones you want.


Manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and contacts, even when you’re offline.

Family Safety

Help keep your kids safe online.


Keep your files and photos synced on your PCs, and connect remotely to all of your files and programs.

Writer (WLW for short)

This is the one you want! With it, you can create blog posts in minutes, with photos, videos, maps, and more. Then publish them to any of your favourite blog service providers.

We used WLW to create this page:


You can set WLW to create postings and/or pages for a number of different services:


Incidentally, all of the images on this page were copy/pasted from  the Windows clipboard, something WP.Com editing doesn’t allow.

WLW isn’t perfect.

For a start, there is no HTML option, as is provided by all flavours of WordPress.

But it does provide for inserting tables. And resizing images is a simple drag process.

Since it covers both WP.Com and WP.Org flavours of WordPress, if you are posting to a WP.Com blog, you may be confused by being offered options that aren’t available to you, such as plug-ins.

And . . .

Oh yes, poetry.

This poetry page was formatted using WLW.


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