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Mossad’s Hasbara is targeting you

And this is how

“Public diplomacy in Israel (also hasbara) (Hebrew: הסברה‎) refers to public relations efforts to disseminate information about Israel. The term is used by the Israeli government and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of what they consider negative press about Israel around the world. Others view hasbara as a euphemism for propaganda. . .

“In 2009,Israel’s foreign ministry organized volunteers to add pro-Israeli commentary on news websites. In July 2009, it was announced that the Israeli Foreign Ministry would assemble an “internet warfare” squad to spread a pro-Israel message on various websites, with funding of 600,000 shekels (c $150,000).”

– Wikipedia []

Wikipedia’s $150,000 estimate is conservative. It undervalues the amount of cash Zionists are pouring into dirty tricks operations, infiltrating organisations like the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and spreading lies about “Holocaust denial”, anti-Semitism, racism, and indeed any dirt that might possibly stick. If you’re a hard-up Jewish student then you can earn a nice little supplement to your income by just sitting in front of your computer and using the supplied Israeli software for cyberattacks on all those who support the Palestinian cause. (No non-Jews need apply, but that, of course, is not racism!)

The Hasbara at work

  • The Hasbara at work

There has been an outburst of activity by Hasbara operatives recently, mainly concerned with the music of Gilad Atzmon, the Israeli-born Jewish musician whose opposition to the oppression of the Palestinian people has attracted the attention of the dirty-tricks brigade. They have even managed to win some Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists to join in the denigration of this outstanding musician.

It would be nice to be able to describe these people as sincere if misinformed, were it not for the unprecedented witch-hunt within the PSC against those who don’t happen to toe the pro-Israeli line some of them are peddling.

The following link provides valuable information on this campaign:

One is tempted to say that if these people are not on the Mossad payroll, then they are missing a trick!

We don’t have the financial resources of the Hasbara operatives, but if you reading this, then you are certainly on the Internet. If you prefer not to soil yourself with the filth being spread by sites like Harry’s Place, that’s understandable, but we do need to monitor them and spread the truth and contradict their lies (in response to the claim of the pseudonomous “Harry” that I am a racist, I am currently working on a biographical note of my 70 years of anti-racism and anti-fascism – including being one of the few goyim with links to the Jewish 43 Group, which actively engaged in street battles with the re-emerging fascists in Britain after the war; as a fashion writer at the time I knew well one of its founders, Morris Beckman).

This site has been set up with no financial backing whatsoever, because we mustn’t let the Hasbara divert our movement into division and equivocation.

We know that Mossad is targeting us.

We need to target them!


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