Vote for a mayor!

clip_image002Directly elected mayors are council leaders who have been directly elected by the people who live in the local authority. At present, Bradford is governed by the “leader and cabinet” model in which the leader of the council is chosen by a small number of councillors but the real power lies with unelected officers.At present, there are 15 directly elected mayors in the UK.

The post of elected mayor is different from that of Lord Mayor, which is ceremonial.

An elected Mayor has the power to make the local authority’s annual budget and its policy framework documents. These are: Annual Library Plan; Best Value Performance Plan; Children’s Services Plan; Community Care Plan; Community Strategy; Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy; Early Years Development Plan; Education Development Plan; Local Development Framework; and the Youth Justice Plan.

It is proposed to add power over rail and bus services, skills, apprenticeships, and money to invest in high speed broadband.


we need to

· Break the stranglehold of the Con-Dem-Lab cabal on City Hall.

· Resist Government cuts.

· Revitalise the city with new thinking cutting across party lines.

· Restore an ethical dimension to investment and tendering policy. No to BAE Systems and Veolia!

· Make Bradford a car-friendly and shopper-friendly city. Open up the empty shops!

· Protect historic buildings like Chain St estate and the Odeon.

Support the campaign! And tell us what you think HERE!


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