Killing us slowly with too much talk ‘n’ violence

Yeah yeah – we get the point. All those background sounds and TV images of Bush and Obama rattling on about the finance crisis and Pitt’s final words: “America’s not a country. It’s a business.”

We are in the territory of the crime thriller as allegory. But didn’t 30s and 40s noir do that sort of thing much better, without always belabouring the political parallels?

Don’t get me wrong. Apart from one scene of gratuitously bloody violence – I’m getting so I want to shout at the screen during sex and/or violent scenes, “Don’t show me; just tell me” – I enjoyed this movie, but Lawless was, in its way, more contemporary.

And there were these long dialogues instead of getting down to Killing Them when the protagonists tried to justify/evade the consequences of their actions. Just cut the gab eh, boys!


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Former BBC and IRN presenter, presenter of jazz, classical, movie and talk shows on Bradford Community Broadcasting, editor and presenter of VideoCaroline, "the best TV over the Seven Seas".
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