The Lie That Tells the Truth: Contents

My life and good times: Memoirs of a rock ‘n’ folk survivor


Singers of an Empty Day

Elvis Presley – Meanwhile, in Vegas

Frank Sinatra: Mr Nixon’s Capo

Bob Dylan: Freaking the Media


Industrial folklore


Bob Marley: Wailin’

A conversation with Davey Graham

Frank Zappa: What Did You Do In The Revolution, Dada?

The Electric Muse

01-Realities of the revival

02-The three strains

03-Collecting: Apollo dissects Dionysus

04-The Instruments of tradition

05-Dionysus reborn

06-Folk, pop and the electric aesthetic


Pink Floyd’s Animals


Sandy Denny, First Lady of Folk Rock

Frank Zappa: Carry On Composing


Tony Harrison – And God spake Yorkshire


Ewan MacColl: Ending the cult of “No personality”


Aleksandr Blok: realist and mystic

Anne Rice – Unholy Communion


Brecht – Diana Rigg and the National Theatre’s Mother Courage

Tony Harrison, Ted Hughes – Is this poetry or what?


Global pillage: the malignant growth of the personal computer


01 – We’re all trapped in Bill Gates’s garage

02 – Gentlemen, turn off your engines

03 – I have seen the future – and it’s a computer crash

04 (unfinished) – Goodbye, the Meccano years

Steeleye Span’s 25th Anniversary Party


Salute to Jaco Pastorius

Molly Bloom


A Short History of Popular Music

The Tom Clancy industry

01: What makes Clancy run?

02: Anatomy of an action

03: Just give ’em the facts, ma’am

04: The Clancy so far

05: Apart from that, how did you enjoy the war, Mr Clancy?

06: Will the real Tom Clancy stand up?

07: Elementary, my dear Clancy

In Memoriam Hugh MacDiarmid

Performing Blok


Tony Harrison – Report from a Spectator at the Place of the Skull


Brecht – The Bradford Chalk Circle


A ‘Burning‘ Question

The Celtic Myth – an aspect of globalisation

Note from a Sassenach

01: ‘Celtic globalisation’

02: The dialectic of the market place

03: A Celtic style?

04: Classical observations

05: No rhyme, no strophing

06: Western European influences

07: Out with the old

08: Academic blindness

09: The Ossianic forgeries

10: The ‘renaissance’ of the Celtic harp

11: Unreliable sources

12: Conclusion

Richard Dawkins: The God delusion


The Politics of the Folk Revival

00. Marx & Engels: RURAL IDIOCY

01. Revolution in a revolution?

02. Fakesong & ‘folk song’

03. The ‘hegemony’ of Gramsci

04. Mediating what, and to whom?

05. The search for an English national identity

06. Strikes in the South

07. Were MacColl and Lloyd Marxists?

08. Not by Lloyd alone

09. The influence of Lomax

10. A metropolitan bias

11. Not of one mind

12. The classicisation of folk music

13. The role of the individual in the folk revival

14. Stalin’s thesis

15. Thomson’s Marxism & Poetry

16. Men and women, stand together!

17. The instrumental tradition – also neglected

18. We were all quasi-Marxists then

19. A method, not a belief-system

20. The positive effect of the Ossianic forgeries

21. Aunt Molly and Woody – Greenwich Village folkies?

22. The effect of the revival on one traditional singer

23. Vaughan Williams and The Amateur Whitewasher

24. Ralph Peer invents country music

25. Rock’n’roll as a folk music

26. The proletarian weekend

27. Another category: poplore

28. Is it a ‘revival’?

29. Orality and the Hebrew Scriptures

30. Bardic techniques

31. So why do pagan rituals survive?

32. Tradition embraces innovation

33. A functional process

34. Group Theatre and folk theatre

35. Returning to the Africa within

36. The Roman Wall blues

37. Benefits of the ghetto

38. The traditional and the popular

39. The chimera of ‘authenticity’

40. The dialectics of folk

41. Hybridity, true and false

42. Syncretism

43. Internal colonialism

44. Please ignore us!

45. Marshall McLuhan – what’re you doin’?

Not an ending


Sinatra’s leap from left to right


Daze in a Life

Christopher Caudwell – The lie that tells the truth

Cretan Poetry

The phlogiston error

Caudwell’s 9 poetic-economic periods


Obituary: Davey Graham, guitar giant & wonderful friend


Remembering Sandy Denny, after 33 years

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