New WordPress apps for Android and iOS

New WordPress apps are now available for Android (beta only at present) and Apple’s iOS.

Download WordPress Android 2.3.1 app beta Download WordPress iOS 3.1 app

Click the above link or scan the QR image below to install the WordPress app 2.3.1 beta for Android.AndroidWP-QR

Enhancements to the Android beta include:

  • Fixes some of the crashes reported earlier
  • Fixes an issue where some self-hosted blogs were not able to connect up with the app.
  • Adds an ‘Add Account’ option to the bottom of the blog selector.

Features of the most recent stable version (2.1) include enhancements to:

  • Comment Editing
  • Autosave
  • Scaled Image Setting
  • All-new reader

For version 2.1 click the following link (download WP Android app 2.1) or scan the QR image below:

Scan the above link to install the WordPress 3.1 app for iOS.


If you’re on an iOS device, go to to go directly to the store on your device.


About Karl Dallas

Former BBC and IRN presenter, presenter of jazz, classical, movie and talk shows on Bradford Community Broadcasting, editor and presenter of VideoCaroline, "the best TV over the Seven Seas".
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One Response to New WordPress apps for Android and iOS

  1. Problem with installing WordPress for Android on ICS tablet. Anyone else having the same problem?

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