Super Hi Vision TV – Super Hi Vis- Your Guide To Super Hi Vision TV and UHDTV



What Is Super Hi Vision TV?

Published on February 20, 2012

Super Hi Vision TV is set to be the next big thing in television and film. If you thought your HD TV picture was as good as it could ever get then think again. Super Hi Vision (which is also known as Ultra High Definition Television, UHDTV and Super Hi Vis, SHV) is 4320p which you’d think makes it four times higher definition than the current 1080p HD, but it is in fact a massive 16 times greater. This is because there are four times as many pixels going across the screen and four times as many going down it, so 4×4 gives you 16 times as much detail.

It is quite hard to comprehend right now having a picture that has 16 times as much detail as 1080p HD which let’s face it, looks pretty good. However this Hi Vision technology isn’t really designed for smaller screens, I guess there are only so many pixels you can fit into a certain space. It is being developed for larger screen displays mainly, starting at 60 inches with sizes going up to a huge 100 inches. The technology is actually a bit ahead of itself in one way because although they have made cameras that are able to film in Super Hi Vision, the display technology is still catching up with even the top end computer monitors not yet up to that high a resolution.

The technology is jointly being developed by Japan’s public service broadcaster NHK, the UK’s public service broadcaster BBC and Italy’s RAI with seemingly NHK taking a lead role. Super Hi-Vis is still in the development stage with only a few special test broadcasts over the Internet so far. It is expected to be another couple of years yet before Super Hi Vision is properly introduced with a couple more years again before becoming mainstream.

Here is a video clip from BBC News Click programme about an early test broadcast of Super Hi-Vision:


via Super Hi Vision TV – Super Hi Vis- Your Guide To Super Hi Vision TV and UHDTV.


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