Greek Communist Party: The road to a people’s Greece – Morning Star

The KKE will not be complicit in a government – even if it has a left label – which will operate within the framework of the interests of bankers, industrialists, ship-owners and the other capitalists. It will not be complicit in implementing the anti-people policies of the European Union or the crimes of Nato.

. . .

There are no common solutions for working people and capitalism, solutions which benefit both. You are either with the plutocracy or with the people – that is the real dilemma confused by false distinctions between “European” and “anti-European” and between “left” and “right.”

Will the impoverishment of the Greek people continue – as it is likely to with either a New Democracy or a Syriza government – or will we move into a counterattack?

The KKE presents a clear way out of the capitalist crisis, with its proposals to withdraw from the EU and Nato and cement people’s power, but emphasises that there are no easy solutions.

Its path – the path of rupture and of confrontation – will of course require sacrifices, but only by throwing off the capitalists and their alliances will Greece find a road to people’s prosperity. The path of compromise and submission preached by the centre-left and “governmental left” will require constant sacrifices without a positive prospect in sight.

via The road to a people’s Greece / Features / Home – Morning Star.

Though denounced by some “leftists” as sectarian, this statement from the Greek Communist Party, issued before the elections, puts the coming struggles into perspective. It also provides guidance for those throughout the world engaged in anti-capitalist struggle.


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