Zionists call for burning Arab students at the Hebrew University

ImageA Zionist racist movement has called for the killing of Arab students at Hebrew University in Jerusalem after participation in Tuesday’s protest in solidarity with the prisoners in occupation prisons.The Zionist movement “Im Tirtzu” published, on Wednesday (25/4), on its website pictures of the Arab students, who participated in the demonstration, titled “On the Independence day Arabs are in solidarity with the terrorists” in reference to their support for Palestinian captives in occupation jails on Nakba anniversary. After a while, the website was filled with hate messages against the Palestinian students. Messages like: “They must be burned”, “Despicable”, “They must be killed”, “Go to Gaza”, “Terrorists”, “This is the Hebrew University not the Arabic University .. go to Beir Zeit” and “They must be expelled from the university.”

The Arab MK Hanin Zoubi stated that Arab students’ activities at the Hebrew university bothered the racist Zionists, “this is a proof of the fairness of our political position and stands,” she said.

She added, in a press statement on Wednesday, that Jewish racism is a sign of political bankruptcy and fear. “Our answer is through political struggle as the way to gain our rights and to foil attempts of the racists to gang up on us,” she said.

“Racism in Israel goes beyond hostile policies to legislation for hostility, that is practiced in playgrounds and streets by police and statements made by the clergy,” she stressed.

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