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Bradford Telegraph & Argus has announced it won’t publish any more “political” letters until after May 3, local election day (we put the word “political” in quotes because where do you draw the line?). Obviously, people banging on about the same old same old can get a bit boring, but surely the pre-election period is when we need to engage in open debate on the things that matter.

Accordingly, we’re opening this blog to include an Open Election Forum. If you have something political to say then please post it as comments below. Within reason, we’ll publish everything we receive, except racist, sexist or anything abusive, but contributions will be moderated. In such matters, the word of the editor will be final.

But, for instance, if UKIP’s Sonja McNally wants to reply to the criticism by Karl Dallas in today’s T&A (which presumably won’t be published), then we’ll publish it here, even though we’re totally opposed to almost everything UKIP stands for (“almost”, because we think UK should leave the EU, but for totally different reasons from UKIP’s right-wing agenda).

Please note, this is not an open forum on anything and everything political (though we welcome all such posts elsewhere here). This is a forum about the local elections generally and the elections in Bradford in particular.

The best way to contribute would be to leave a comment to this post.

So please spread the word. And keep your comments coming.


About Karl Dallas

Former BBC and IRN presenter, presenter of jazz, classical, movie and talk shows on Bradford Community Broadcasting, editor and presenter of VideoCaroline, "the best TV over the Seven Seas".
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7 Responses to Open Election Forum

  1. Seen in Leeds: Alliance for Green Socialism leaflet – SAY NO TO ELECTED DICTATOR!
    Presumably they’re in favour of an unelected dictator – which is what we’ve got now.

    • johng says:

      The leader of council isn’t a dictator for two reasons (1) they are elected by other councillors and can be removed after twelve months unlike an elected Mayor & (2) they are not the sole decision maker as decisions are a taken by the cabinet and the cabinet members are responsible to their political group.

      • The Mayor would be elected by the people and directly responsible to them. The Leader is chosen by a cabal who do not meet in public. But I agree that the Mayor should be recallable by decision of the electorate.

      • Geoff Collier says:

        I don’t know whether there is provision in the legislation for the recall of an elected mayor but, as it hasn’t happened in Doncaster, I presume that it must be at the least rather difficult to do so. On the other hand, Ian Greenwood may not be the leader of Bradford Council for much longer. Even if he wins his own seat, it’s reasonably likely that Labour will remain a minority party and dependent on the support of at least one other party.
        Of course, the system isn’t isn’t perfect, but an elected mayor is no improvement

    • Geoff Collier says:

      Do you mean the Chief Executive? We’d still have one of them even with an elected mayor

      • No, I’m referring to the Leader, who is only responsible to the cabal who choose him. The Chief Executive is responsible to no one, but would be subject to the Mayor, who would be responsible to the electorate.

  2. You’re right. At present the Mayor cannot be removed if he performs badly. This is a serious weakness in the proposed set-up. We should demand of any mayoral candidate that they submit themselves to the people’s will if a referendum requires it.
    And yes, if I were Ian Greenwood I would be planning to spend more time with my family when the inevitable night of long knives happens within the cabal that controls Bradford council politics. But the people will play no part in deciding who takes his place, just as they played no part in selecting the weakest candidate to fight the Bradford West by-election for Labour.
    If the Labour rank-and-file had not allowed Tony Blair to destroy inner-party democracy, all this corruption would not have happened.

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