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A solution of peace, not a recipe for despair

In its efforts toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Communist Party of Israel is fighting on two fronts: one is the supposed support the American administration and Israeli prime ministers have declared for a solution of two states, Israel and Palestine.

This support is given not in order to implement the solution and end the occupation, but rather to obscure the ongoing process of occupation and settlement.

The second front is the call heard in various circles to retreat from the program of two states, which commands broad international support, and to content ourselves with the theoretical option of “one bi-national state”.

The CPI’s position is that the “one-state” option is unacceptable, unworkable, and no alternative at all to a two-state solution. (Emphasis added.)

The path to a just and lasting peace

The policy of perpetuating the occupation which all Israeli governments have engaged in since June 1967 is the main obstacle to an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and to a general Israeli-Arab peace. This policy is the main source for the growing deterioration of the democratic arena and the spread of racist discourse.

The perpetuation of the occupation, and the wars it causes, are exploited by Israeli governments to create a public atmosphere conducive to ongoing erosion of the rights of the Arab citizens through legislation, expropriation of land, home demolitions, budgetary discrimination among local authorities and more.The CPI, faithful to the right of the peoples to self-determination, has for 60 years and more been demanding the realization of the Palestinian people’s right to self- determination and a sovereign state beside Israel, and recognizes the state of Israel as realizing the right of the Jewish people in this country to self-determination.

Yet we have always emphasized that Israel is not an exclusively Jewish state but a state with a Jewish majority and a sizeable Arab national minority. For this reason, the CPI demands the abolition of all forms of discrimination against Arab citizens and the recognition of the national and civil rights of the Arab minority in Israel, which is part of the Palestinian Arab people.

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