Our really urgent tasks

I have received a message, marked urgent, complaining that we should not have met together last Tuesday, the regular PSC meeting had been cancelled, etc etc. The person concerned clearly wants to have a big debate about whether that meeting was valid, but I am afraid I am not willing to indulge him in such a discussion. The needs of the Palestine people must be paramount at a time when the Israelis are definitely planning to plunge the Middle East into nuclear war.

Whether the meeting should have taken place is arguable, but the real urgency is that we need to carry forward the decisions that were made there, since they could not wait until the April meeting:

1. There should be a hustings to which all candidates in the March 29 Bradford West by-election will be invited. Mukhtar Ali has been carrying this forward, approaching political parties, checking out venues etc. George Galloway, the Respect candidate, who has a proven track record in support of the Palestinian cause, has already indicated his willingness to attend.

However, Just West Yorkshire is already planning to organise a hustings, so we might take part in that. When I discussed this with Abu Bakr, he said he thought we should go ahead independently.

What do you think? Please let me know, since we shall not have another meeting before the election.

I shall also be raising the matter at the meeting next Tuesday of Bradford People’s Coalition Against the Cuts. That meeting is at Bradford Resource Centre at 6pm. It would be good if you could attend.

2. We need readers for the commemoration of the Deir Yassin massacre on the anniversary of the slaughter on April 9, 1948. This will go out on BCB Radio at 10am on Sunday, April Sunday, and will be pre-recorded at some time during the previous week. A colleague at Bradford Uni is hopeful of recruiting drama students to take part.

3. Now the weather is improving, we need to be out on the streets once again, leafleting. We agreed that this should start on March 17. We need to produce a flyer about Bradford PSC, giving dates of meetings etc. I suggest it should also promote the Deir Yassin broadcast.
In the absence of the treasurer, we did not know if the PSC will fund this, so it was
agreed that if necessary we would put our hands in our pockets individually to cover the cost.

We also need to get materials from Friends of Al Aqsa, national PSC etc.

4. We agreed that PSC membership forms and flyers should be distributed at all public events. I urged the chair to ensure that this happened at last week’s IWD meetings, but it didn’t happen. In the event, I spoke, giving the date of the April meeting, but this isn’t as strong as something people can take away and read.

5. Midori told us about the 12 students going to Gaza, and we agreed that they should be invited to report back at our April meeting. Since then, I gave spoken to the organiser of the trip about running a fund-raising musical event for the travellers, and this should be going ahead. Watch this space for further details.

Please keep the faith, keep campaigning, and do not let anything divert us from our primary purpose.

For those of a bureaucratic turn of mind, this message is sent in my personal capacity, and does not represent the views of Bradford PSC, or any other organisation, local, nation, or international.


About Karl Dallas

Former BBC and IRN presenter, presenter of jazz, classical, movie and talk shows on Bradford Community Broadcasting, editor and presenter of VideoCaroline, "the best TV over the Seven Seas".
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