PSC update: join the global march to Jerusalem!

Apologies if this mail is of no interest to you. I am sending it out to a lot of people on my contacts list who MIGHT be interested in it. If I am wrong, then please ignore it. If you ARE interested, please let me know so I can add you to my mailing list.

Also, please forgive me if you get more than one copy of this message, since my contacts were hacked a few months back, and I know there are duplications.

We had a very successful event on Friday when the Lord Mayor of Bradford attended our event to welcome our two Palestinian woman guests who are in Yorkshire for the celebrations of International Women’s Day. This will be followed up on Thursday March 8, when the two Palestinian women will be speaking at an IWD event in BRADFORD 6.00 pm () at University of Bradford, Richmond Road, BD7 1DP .Contact 07920 729734 for more information.

Equally important, however, is this Tuesday’s organisation meeting of Bradford Palestine Solidarity Campaign when we will need to be discussing how to build our campaign in support of truth, justice and peace in the Middle East.

One of the things we have been discussing in recent months is the organisation of a commemoration on April 9, of the Deir Yassin massacre of 1948, when over 100 Palestinians were killed in an attack on their undefended village. It was such attacks which led so many Palestinians flee their homes, leading to the present-day situation.
We really need to get this organised.

We also need to organise support for the call from the Welcome to Palestine 2012 initiative for supporters of Palestinian human and national rights around the world to openly visit Palestine during Easter 2012. In the past, I and others have resorted to various subterfuges to enter Palestine, but this campaign will see the Israeli control points deluged with visitors who are openly declaring their right to visit Palestine. A number of Bradfordians are already planning to join this initiative, and we need to give it as much help as possible. If you are interested, please contact (English speaking). The campaign website is at

Another matter we need to consider is how we can broaden our relationships with faith groups alongside the Muslims and a few Christians (not forgetting those of no faith) who are active with us. Where are the Hindus, Sikhs, the Bahai, and (most importantly) the Jews? I am sending this message to members lo some faith groups whom I know, but please feel free to send it on to others you think might be interested.

Finally, are you a member of the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign? Though you may be an active supporter of Bradford PSC, and attend and vote in our meetings, our national body really needs your support. Please go to to join.

Bradford PSC meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 6pm to 8pm, at Desmond Tutu House, 2 Ashgrove (opposite Bradford Uni campus). Please come and help us plan our activities. As winter ends, we should be leafleting in the centre of town on a regular basis.


About Karl Dallas

Former BBC and IRN presenter, presenter of jazz, classical, movie and talk shows on Bradford Community Broadcasting, editor and presenter of VideoCaroline, "the best TV over the Seven Seas".
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