Marxism 2012: Latest speakers, news,…

Ideas to change the world… 5-9 July, central London

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On the anniversary of the fall of Mubarak… Gigi Ibrahim to speak at Marxism 2012

Leading Egyptian activist Gigi Ibrahim shot to fame when she humbled Jeremy Paxman, insisting on that, yes, those fighting did have an ideology and that in fact she was a revolutionary socialist.

Recently Gigi addressed meetings across Britain about the anniversary of the fall of Mubarak. Watch the London meeting .

As well as discussing the ongoing Egyptian revolution, Gigi will introduce films by the Mosireen collective in which she is involved.

We will have a major strand of meetings on the Arab Spring as well as the fight for Palestinian liberation.

Meetings will include:

· Eyewitness reports from Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere.

· The new workers’ movement in Egypt.

· Festivals of the oppressed: women in revolution.

· The prophet and the proletariat: the left and political Islam.

· What does the Arab Spring mean for Palestine?

· Anti-imperialism & the struggle for LGBT liberation in the Middle East.

· Social media and social movements.

· Why we oppose “humanitarian intervention” in Syria and Libya

· And much, much more…

As the Tory NHS bill starts to fall apart…

Watch this video of Tony Benn and health worker Karen Reissman discussing the welfare state at Marxism 2011.

NUT and PCS choose 28 March as next strike day…

Mark Serwotka (general secretary, PCS) and Kevin Courtney (deputy gen sec, NUT) will be speaking at Marxism 2012.

Other speakers confirmed so far include: Tariq Ali, Gary Younge, Mark Serwotka, Tony Benn, Ghada Karmi, Costas Lapavitsas, Owen Jones, Danny Dorling, Nina Power, Alex Callinicos, Alberto Toscano, Michael Rosen, Haifa Zangana, Kevin Courtney

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