The dishonesty, banality and inconsistency of Terry Eagleton « Shiraz Socialist

This commentary is useful because it provides some quotes from Eagleton, though as usual with this poster he manages to convey his message vituperatively (perhaps having drunk too much shiraz?), wilfully misunderstanding the difference between religion and acknowledgement of a non-contingent reality outside our control, for which the name God is a handy shorthand. Yes, to be a Christian and a follower of Marx is a contradiction, but then reality itself is contradictory, hence the significance of dialectics to those who think of themselves as “Marxists” (a term Marx disavowed).

“You’re either an atheist (or a believer) or you’re not. Which is why the term “agnostic” always strikes me as a bit of a cop-out. And as for appreciating the wonders of nature and existence, the warmth of human companionship, or even the grandeur and profundity of religious writing and religious buildings, plenty of atheists (including the supposedly “destructive” Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens) have made it clear that we can appreciate all that stuff.”

via The dishonesty, banality and inconsistency of Terry Eagleton « Shiraz Socialist.

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